Thursday 3 January 2013

Meccano Time

Well my son wants to make a light armour Tank...
I have a lovely collection partly inherited, gifted and purchased
of original Meccano, including the Army edition!
He really likes that Khaki green, me too.
Got to keep this collection organised! - easy to get it all messed up.

Some of these instruction booklets are so old - the red ones for example.
They remind me of the story my 97 year old Grandmother likes to tell...
She says they used to save up and then go to the local corner store
and they would buy SINGLE pieces of Meccano, like a plate and 2 corner brackets,
because that is all they could afford!
I really like using the original square nuts and nothing shiny
is going on this tank, just the original black nuts, bolts and washers!


  1. I had meccano as a kid but I preferred lego. My dad has a version made in sweden for the real diehards. The brand is FAC and they appear to still be going


    This is the version he has

  3. Yes that looks like a wonderful selection, just been checking out the website and history of FAC, many thanks! I have often turned to the components when model making to solve problems - my Harmonograph needed some Meccano parts I remember!
    All the best,