Tuesday 1 January 2013

25mm Osae-Hiki Nokogiri

I had to make a 25mm Saw blade for this mitre plane.
I have a few saws now, blade blanks and ones I can cut down.
Really getting into the Japanese hand made saw thing.
Sharpening, setting on the anvil, the whole works.
Practice, practice, practice.
Ultimate aim? I can make a saw to solve a problem.
I can understand, appreciate and justify the purchase of
hand made Japanese Saws.
Once I get OK I will post more on this.
This saw only needs to make a few cuts so I was not worried too much...

Basically I ground, filled, sanded and polished the blade thickness down.
As I had re set the teeth to have no set, you need to do this as otherwise t
he blade will bind of course!
Traditionally this is done with a Sen - as discussed in a previous post.
But I have not got round to resolving that one yet.
Mind you I know a man who can - and it has been mentioned...!

Handle might be a bit long here!
I now have all the traditional binging materials (in 2mm and 4mm)
as well as various coated wires,
so can get into this saw handle making as well.

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