Tuesday 4 September 2012

This is my 100th Blog Post!

Back to the Bill Carter inspired Mitre Plane in Box Wood...

The plane is in there - I am sure of it!

Lovely grain, you can see the curve of the wood - I am not fussed its not straight myself...

Drilling out the waste - back to familiar territory - just like carving but with straight lines.

Japanese Iwasaki carving file with Raspberry Jamwood Handle.
Umm yummy - very nice tool for flattening the bed and SO much cheaper
than the Lie Nielson Plane Floats!

It is so sharp I am protecting my finger with a leather stall here.

Here is a cool idea I have come up with lately:
You need 3 things.

1. Carbon paper
2. A flat surface (here I am using 25mm thick MDF)
3. Spray adhesive

Now what I have here is a flat surface with carbon on it - just ready to rub off....

As you can see one quick rub on the bed to highlight the high points.
Re-usable - over and over - very fast to use and cheap to make.
Stick it on any contoured surface.
Fold in half and pull through a hinged door to highlight stick points.

This chisel is completely BLUNT.
Ground square on the grinder - as per Bill Carter's Top Tip.
But I never realised you could take shavings in almost any direction like this...

Slowly getting there now...

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