Monday 17 September 2012

 Boxwood Mitre Plane by BN.
Finished 17.09.2012, my Birthday!

Must get the next iphone - its got a much better camera...

It is not even dry properly yet, but I had to sharpen up the blade and try it on some end grain.
This is the shot of a plane we all expect after all.
There are a few things to do to fine tune it yet.
It is the first time I have ever made this type of plane.
About 16 hours spent all together - a slow steady make for me.
I am sure I could get this down to around 10-12 in the next couple of planes...


  1. What are the dimensions of this Mitre plane? Do you have rough measurements? I would love to have a go at making one myself

  2. Hi Michael, it is based on a 1+1/2 inch blade but I have made up the sizes based on my research of photos of other planes out there, therefore not being an authority on this feel giving measurements might be mis-leading and compounding any errors I might have started. I am trying to find out more and will post what I find of course. I went for a 20 degree bed while the iron has a 17degree front bevel (so 37 total) with a 8degree back bevel making a cutting angle of 25degrees. I hope this is not evasive - I really don't feel I know enough to advise!