Thursday 13 September 2012

Getting there slowly...

Everything 'off the chisel' so far on this wedge...
Got to do some of that horrible sanding business I suppose,
its what everyone expects, wants to see, otherwise....well.....
Might look like you made it with a sharp tool,
and we can't be having any of that now.
(well not today with this plane)
I like the ( ) and the ((  )) which is going on...
if you know what I mean?

Ummm - we have a problem.
The mouth was cut for the first test blade that I snecked.
Now however I prefer this other rounded end blade.
But this exits the mouth in a different position all together.
One blade has a micro fine mouth (silly size)
The other is huge, ahhhhahhahahahha...
Its not my fault! I thought the reference point would be the same.
They are both bevel up after all...

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