Monday 10 September 2012

African Blackwood  mouth closer fitted. Nice fine mouth - perhaps too fine for those of you in the know.
I think I will make another one in Box as this one was too low for my liking.

25mm MDF, spray adhesive and fine grade abrasive paper - a powerful combination in fine finishing.
It is a process I would rather not use, I did give up using abrasive paper for a long time.
Most planes I make never see ANY abrasive paper - something I pride myself on.
But this one is going to have a good fine sanding on these boards...

First fit of wedge to get it right.

No.5 does it for me.

This is starting to look like a plane now me thinks?
I will not use a snecked iron as I feel it will be too close to the wedge to justify its existence.
Mind you looking at the plane for a while I have come to the conclusion the wedge needs shortening.
So off to the workshop again...

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