Sunday 27 May 2012

Time to get Blogging

Well I thought a simple start would get the ball rolling easier...

I have enjoyed reading so many Blogs this last year or two it was logical to start recording a little of what I am designing and making for the same reasons (and a few others) as the rest. Please excuse the fact the objects I make take a long time, I can only do tasks in short amounts, chronic pain in my tendons, a result of a repetitive strain injury, has for the last 18 years kept my making dreams in check, even typing this is a painful task.

One of the little projects I have been working on lately is a draw knife, made by my brother to a design we agreed on. My birthday present this year was about 8 chipbreakers, very thick (6mm ish) so watch this space as I make these into planes - a few are already tuned up and fitted to laminated irons and the wood is seasoned and ready too.
So to keep in with the the 'rosewood handled' theme of many of my cabinet making tools, I wanted to turn some handles for it. Being a 'little' out of practice on the lathe I decided to make about 3 handles a day for a while. Got a nice box of spares now - great thing to do with off-cuts. Each one has its own story. Once I was happy I was back on form (10 mins per handle) I made the handles.

Spare Handles boxed and ready!


So now it was time to fit the handles:
Also a good excuse to try out my new Colt drill bits.

It is the Chris Pye technique of  'tap and twist' so the square tang slowly reams a tapered hole.
Slow and very painful for me. As you can see from the first picture quite a way to go.
Time to get some help I thought:

What I love about this photo is the fact my son is not even looking at where the mallet is!
He has got into the 'zone' and my new Lignum Vitae mallet (made from an antique bowling ball) is just perfect for his hand.

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