Wednesday 30 May 2012

Finished at Last!

This is my first project made and evidenced on my Blog so I am happy today. Much time and though has been given to the securing of the tangs to the Rosewood Handles. My last idea was a small hole through the brass ferrule and the tang - Araldite to secure a hardened nail hammered in and filed off when set.

However I have only wedged these tangs in and been using it quite a bit to trial it - no movement at all. So the simple approach again - I filled with Araldite and hammered home the tangs (remember much time was spent reaming a perfect fit on these)

'Square tang round hole' I hear you say?
Milliput (epoxy setting putty adhesive - comes in black which is great) fills the larger void and with a wet flat edge gives a quick finish.

I love the contrast between the rough finish and fine surface - this I suppose is why I love japanese tools so much.

Incidentally it is a 20 degree ground edge with a 30 degree secondary bevel, slight convex surface to 'flat' side to allow the edge to come clear and not dig in - an important element for how carving tools function.

I would expect a picture now of loads of shavings on the floor next to a pointy stick - or a smiling hippy in the woods with my Drawknife making some hurdles with a grin. Perhaps a shaving horse and good boots squeezing the life out of a Harry Potter broomstick as my tools cuts the spike...

Well tough - it is not happening.
No silly shaving pictures please, well not until I start talking about my micron record with my planes... 

I am going to get a sheath made for it now and get on with the next projects.

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