Wednesday 30 May 2012

I have kept to myself for so many years with my making. People ask where do you sell it? Who is it for?
Its hard to explain that it is too precious to sell. It causes me far too much pain to make, so I cannot put a value on it.
But perhaps I do need to sell off some of these damm tools I keep making...

Lately (say last 2 years) I have decided to slowly try to meet a few people and maybe even talk to them.
Some of them I have been following for a long time and now I have had the pleasure of meeting or swapping emails with quite a few of them. Some have been very helpful, enthusiastic and kind.
People all round the world. Perhaps some of them will be reading this now, a little thank you from me now, for being great at sharing - one of my main reasons for starting this blog. Give something out to the web. Record some stuff.

David Barron put some of my work up on his Blog which was nice:

David is a superb craftsman and his contributions to Furniture and Cabinetmaking are top class, I have had great pleasure in reading his numerous contributions and he shares 2 of my woodwork passions, planes and James Krenov. He is a very inspirational maker. As I said to him at the Yandles show, he holds a dream job for me, making and selling cool tools and planes he has made! If only I had the strength there is nothing more I would rather do with my time and skills. But every cloud has a silver lining and so I get to keep what I make...umm....running out of room. Check out his website - he sells some nice tools.

He liked the 'Hallstand' below - its in my front room now, I made it when I was 19.
No straight edges, very complicated construction, immaculate finish from hours of fine finishing.
Word of warning - do not lock yourself into a room all weekend wire wooling.
It will shred your mouth and lungs till they bleed, honestly I know.

I got a B+ for it if I remember. It all comes apart so you can transport it. My friends on the course always got A's.
At least I hung out with the right crowd - mind you they were (and still are) 10 years older than me...
You can guess what its all about, contrast.
The sharp edges blending into the round smooth shapes, 2D elements and 3D elements. It comes out over 20cm from the wall. Yin and Yang, dark and light, inner and outer reflections, balance, positive and negative etc.

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