Sunday 13 April 2014

Nic Westermann Spoon blade

 Well just after buying myself some lovely Birds eye Maple at Yandles,
I walked past Nic Westermann's stand, he is a blade smith and had
some lovely marking knives, axes and carving blades for sale.
Check out his cool site here:
So I got this blade for £34 and was very happy it came without a handle!
I like making handles...
Great idea to have it hollow ground inside - genius in fact!
Almost Japanese?! Nicely forged and very accurate 6mm bar tang.

Very good mirror polish on the back - only a few minor grinding marks
visible - but far enough from the edge to not be a concern.
I got back that evening and whittled up a Hickory handle.

A bit too long me thinks, I must cut that down with my new Huntley saw!

So that evening I tried it out on some Sycamore, no time to waste,
My Dad was coming next day so I only had a little time to get it done...

Working nicely - good job Nic! Working UP the grain a treat!
Oh and thanks for helping me sort out my Chipbreaker at the show as well!

That will do - must not over cook.

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