Saturday 1 March 2014

Workbenches - Lathe Bench

Well I was going to bore the pants out of you all
with how I am building the workshop.
I reliably took lots of pictures of me insulating the hell out of it.
Look - before I painted the floor and look -
how exciting now I have painted it etc
But I want to get on with more interesting topics,
and luckily these have already been done and photographed,
as you can imagine from the previous post lots of time is being spent
in cleaner, anti bacterial hospital environments...
But making the workshop is the ultimate making project in a way.
Anyway here is the start of my workbench fetish , obsession thing.
Home made flat pack - straight out of storage!

Lathe Bench Fittings 27.01.2011
Yes it has been a while since I have had my Lathe up and going.
Can you believe I have had this lathe for 25 years?
I can - and so can my mum.

Well happy I labelled this properly...
Thanks to my son for helping me fit it all together.

So only the lathe missing now,
where in the world did I pack it?


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