Monday 4 March 2013

Goodbye for now...

I feel guilty so must put it too rest.
I started this blog for many reasons,
but to share and document my making was the primary.
So now I am packing my life into boxes, to move into rented,
while I do up a shell of a house (and workshop)
I wonder......what have I got to go on the blog now?
For example everything you see on the wall in this image
has all gone now, bare as a baby's bum it is.
I was a dedicated smoker for many years.
I always wanted to follow my Grandads example....
Have a workshop full of tobacco tins of interesting things.
The minute I could afford to buy tins of tobacco - used to cost me a £10, I was off.
I like the subtlety of the health warning in the old tins.
The newer ones ain't so pretty - ''YOU WILL DIE AND IT WILL HURT!''
Anyway been off the baccy for a long time now.
Glad I kept the tins - plenty more where these came from.
So what can I document now?
How long will I be away?
I reckon it will be a year (ahhh minimum) before my workshop is in order.
By that I mean the position where I might start
contemplating making non-important things like tools I do not need
and pretty boxes and twirly carvings.
Most of my time will be spent making things I do need.
Like a workshop, 75% bigger.
Safe, secure and nice house.
A Library and dens for my boys.
Oh yea I have this amazing idea.
It is called the 'RETREAT'
This is in the 5 year plan.
This is all a little too personal for the blog I wanted to write.
Do I show some empty pictures of this house?
Maybe some scary ones of the new house?
But I will come back, I promise.
I am continually amazed at how many hits come my way.
Considering I do not sell or advertise that is!
Thanks to those who have asked after me.
It is just the Blog does not seem to fit in with my Life now.


  1. Wishing you the best of luck with things mate.

    Let me know if you find you have more golden virginia tins than you know what to do with as I only have a couple from my grandad.

  2. I know this is kinda late but I hope to see you post again asap!

    Good luck with the build(s)!

    Your blog has been a great pleasure to read.

  3. Love to see how the fitting out the "box" is going in the interlude and what leads up to your new workshop projects and blog posts