Tuesday 19 June 2012

 Brown Oak and Spalted Beech Krenov inspired Cabinet.

Hopefully to put some nice things in - TBC!
These are my first bandsaw cut constructional veeners!

Cheap wood brought green - I watched this tree being cut open right in front of my eyes - one of the first humans to behold its glory - and the first person to say 'how much do you want for it mate?'
Been seasoning it a long time - same as the Brown Oak - took me a while to source a good quality / price.

Off cuts become Wall Sconce Candle Holders -
A favourite 1hour make of mine

1 hour makes are important in life - more about them later!

I had to completely take one of my workbenches apart - I did the David Charlesworth trick of making a removable centre well (in 3 sections) which allows me now to do veenering - with huge thick curved MDF blocks I have made. This is me making Plywood / Spalted beech back panels for the cabinet.

Tuning up the edges - rosewood body low angle HSS plane takes no prisoners and is one of my duracell planes - just keeps going...

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