Sunday 27 May 2012

Even with help these darn tangs were too long!
Originally I had meant the handles to be shorter and I was goning to tap the ends with a recessed bolt - but as my friend Pete would say - there is probably a simpler way....

I like the photos Bill Carter takes holding his planes out with a garden backdrop - the idea you just hold it and snap, is nice and simple - I have in the past spent too much time making backdrops, a barrier to the quick capture. However the wonder of the iphone is I never use my nice camera anymore - oh well.
Bevel is good off the diamond stone - I had previously linished the bevel and back before my brother tempered it a nice straw for me.
Now its time for perfection, its the FIRST of many collabrative pieces I hope.

This will take a long time and is too dangerous for my little helper - that edge needs to be kept well clear of!
A friend of mine cut through his artery in his wrist once sharpening a draw knife - apparently made a real mess in the workshop...
Probably be week or two before this is finished - then I want to commision a leather working friend to make a sheath.

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