Wednesday 29 August 2012

So time to restore these tools I just purchased...

I like restoring tools - I will start with the spokeshave.
Firstly I much prefer Box to Beech, for all the obvious reasons but mainly much more hard wearing.
I happened to have some off cuts to the Bill Carter Mitre plane I am making.
These are curved and so I will throw the beech handle away and just keep the tiny blade!

The new Spokeshave has followed the natural curve so will be very strong.

A fine home made chisel for the job.

Thanks to David Barron, I use this marking knife I made inspired by his design all the time now.
I have planed a flat on it rather than his curve for your thumb to rest on,
I feel this is an improvement for me as it is planing (easy, fun and not dusty) and stops it rolling on the bench!

My new Japanese carving rasp comes into its own here, they had 3 types:
Extra fine, Fine and Medium I was interested in.
When younger I would have gone Extra fine and been at it for ages.
Now I am wiser I got the Medium and its BRILLIANT.
Just don't apply much pressure at all, cuts lovely.
I got it from Rutlands, check it out here.

About 1 hours work to get to this point.

Ummmm fun time, carving time. A home for me.
I don't have to think about any of this, it all just sort of happens in front of me.
I think that will make sense to those of you who are reading this?

Must check as you go of course..
About another hour to finish the carving - including 2 shallow concave areas for your thumbs to snuggle into.

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