Sunday 5 August 2012

Curved base Kanna restoration.

The mimi are absent on this plane so need grinding in.
Tap blade to cutting position.
Mark out (permanent pens are handy here!)
Then grind (carefully!!!) back to your line.

This is a lovely plane mouth, but I need to grind the mimi (ears) back on the corners of the kanna blade so that the Ha-Saki (cutting edge) is within the Ha-Guchi (opening or mouth)
Nearly there now.
My method of attack has changed over the years.
It is now 240grit on 25mm MDF.
Quick test run.
Still umming and arring over an ebony insert on this mouth. I might keep it for rough work and make another for finer shavings. Watch this space!

Whats the point?
My next cabinet will be a curved door cabinet AKA Krenov. Had the wood drying for a year or 2 now so ready to go...

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