Friday, 3 April 2015

4 Spoons Today

I only managed 4 spoons today.
Getting to 50 is my next target.
I was quite pleased considering I had both my sons all day!

I like letting the spoons carve themselves.
I am sure many of you understand EXACTLY what I mean!

These are used everyday by the family,
so live next to the dining room table.

My favourite story about teaching my youngest to carve:
'Now you must not carve towards yourself,
I have told you already that is dangerous,
you might cut yourself!' I say to my 5 year old...
(he is carving with a frost laminated razor sharp knife)
'I know daddy, my thumb is already leaking' he says,
'Seriously?! Why did you not tell me?'
I investigate to find the wood and his hand covered in blood.
(Disclaimer - no children were permanently
injured in the making of this tale)

1 comment:

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