Wednesday 25 March 2015

I nearly forgot about this...

I was reminded recently that I used to write a blog.
I was waiting for a year to go by before I came back here....
But then I was surprised at how many views this blog gets.
So perhaps I should come back a little more often.
I started this for many reasons but it is a lovely record of what we make.
I have made so many things since I was here last.
To start off I will share a draft entry below - something I found unpublished:
Sometimes you reach a crossroads in your life.
Many roads can lead from the junction,
in my case recently I came to a T junction!
My path has now changed with being offered a new job.
This has been partly the reason for my absence of late,
the rigors of job interview preparation...
Looking through my blog over the last couple of years
I found this unpublished entry below,
which I found appropriate as I will be leaving
it behind when I leave my current school.
It was an honour to have this designed by an old friend Bill.
We never did have enough time working together.
But as a joint project we left this behind.
I am sure avid readers will realise how difficult this is to make.
No one else probably does.
Design and Technology Award
for Creativity and Innovation

In the making of this piece I tried to represent all the
material areas that we teach at school.
Man made board (4x12mm Plywood sections)
Hardwood (American Black Walnut)
Steel, rubber, plastic and even
electronics in the Memory stick...

So where have I been?
Well I have got a new job and it is brilliant.
So I am very happy designing and making new projects in a new school.


  1. Hi Berin

    LIke a year ago I found your blog, and was really sad at the end to see that you were not blogging anymore. Glad to hear you are back, hopefully to see you making more japanese tools, I dig those posts (I just found your blog again, looking for a japanese spoke shave, I want to make the square cross section version).