Tuesday 18 February 2014

So here is an idea...
Get a nice paint you like, find lots of old furniture,
(most of this has all been found in skips, or thrown away,
lots of it has been out in the rain for a weeks until I rescued it)
Then paint it all so it matches - this includes the old kitchen units
I have been keeping in my loft for 10 years, waiting for today!
This was 2 units of small and large drawers,
so I just took one carcase and the small drawers.
I had the handles in a box for 10 years as well,
now they have a home at last.
I think this near the bench with French lined drawers
would be nice for marking out equipment perhaps?
A dedicated Sharpening Bench!
Just in need of a nice solid Beech Worktop...

It is amazing what people throw away.
My best buy was 6.5M of solid 40mm thick beech worktop for £20.
It was left outside for a couple of weeks mind you...
My workshop now has a theme, Beech and green!

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